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Clockwork connects content creators with publishers across a remarkable platform that just as sexy as it is, easy.

Clockwork seamlessly tides over the problem of content documentation and seamless integration across geographically diverse teams with literally, the efficiency of clockwork!

Create terrific content via our in-house and top battery of freelancers, watch your content as it gets the desired sign offs and buy ins, engage with your target audience and measure the ROI of your content, in a manner as never before!

Passion. Dedication. Determination.

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Whatever be your passion, come join us as a freelancer and you may just land a great deal with a corporate looking for content. Photographers, Lawyers, Teachers, Artists, Writers, Bloggers, all welcome. Free registry couldn't have made it easier!


While clockwork defines Ivycliques' revenue model. Our individual users get the ideal playground to flex their content muscle and go trigger happy, reading, sharing and curating content via our fun site ivyclique.in - a terrific content engine. Just log in and experience the fun!

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Quite simply, Clockwork's expertise is Content Marketing . We partner with some of the best, most respected creative talent, to generate blogs, e-books white papers, explainer videos, infographics, long and short form journalism etc. giving our partner brands oomph that their campaigns demand. We show you how this content performs over the entire cycle, with incisive data backed analyses to support the hypotheses. Our services range from providing the software which can be aligned to the companies' internal systems to providing customised content created by users, via an API as well as end to end marketing solutions from our battery of experts.

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Ivyclique will liaise with the brand's managers to devise a content strategy for the campaign.



One in house / outsourced resource will come into the mix. To and fro real time content juggling between resource, brand manager and Ivyclique. Process of iteration to follow.



Once created with all required and global sign offs, the content can be pushed via wordpress integration and API to any 3 rd party choice that allows for the same.



The icing on the cake, the brand gets to see a slew of top incisive statistics describing the success of the campaign. Ivyclique will internally assign points to the content creator, depending upon the rating assigned by the brand. The next time a brand chooses the same freelancer, a concept of surge pricing may be employed at the discretion of the Ivyclique management.

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