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Ivyclique leverages artificial intelligence and technology, wisely, in tackling content marketing challenges that face today's organisations.

Our flagship AI product DOODLEBUG, is a content creation tool that delivers best in-class, plagiarism free content across multiple languages, providing large efficiency advantages to businesses in constant need of fresh, relevant content.

CLOCKWORK is our content enterprise system, catering specifically to the SME market.

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With DOODLEBUG, businesses can satisfy their requirements of high quality content generation without human intervention. It is ideal for businesses that require fresh content to be produced regularly in high volumes, with no quality compromise and promises huge monetary and resource advantages.

CLOCKWORK is an easy "plug-and-play" content enterprise system, designed specifically with the small enterprise in mind. It is considerably cheap and easy to deploy, with just the right analytics features for content engagement, that make it easy to navigate and understand.


We believe in personalised pricing plans as everybody's needs are variable. Please get in touch with the Ivyclique Team by simply clicking below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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