What API Can Do ?

The ivycliqueclockwork.com API let the programmer access to the following functionalities of the ivycliqueclockwork.com platform:

  1. Pull the list of all articles

Rest API

The Clockwork article API is part of Clockwork’s REST API.The API gives all the articles against a particular user. A detailed reference on this API endpoint can be found below.

How to build a query

The best way to build a query and test if it’s valid and will return all articles is to copy and paste given API url with proper credentials. As you get a satisfactory result set, the URL loaded in the browser will contain the proper query syntax that can be reused in the API endpoint. Here’s an example:

1 : We want to get all articles. First, we run the the API url in browser. In this case, we got: https://ivycliqueclockwork.com/home/my_articles/{username}/{password}/{API Key}

2 : Replace “{username}/{password}/{API Key}” with proper credetials provided by Clockwork

3 : Execute this URL and get the latest results from our API.

4 : You will get API key in your Clockwork profile page.

Resource URL

https://ivycliqueclockwork.com/home/my_articles/{username}/{password}/{API Key}

Sample Response

							"title":"Sample article Title",
							"description":"Sample article description"